She turned 35!

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So, a couple of weeks ago a friend and I  went on a marvelous adventure, to Royal T’s Hello Kitty Masquerade party, in honor of her (her being Ms. Kitty herself) 35th anniversary… There was an art exhibit goin on at this joint for almost a month and I had heard from friends it was great, but crowded, and I am not a crowd person, AT ALL, but H.K. is only goin to turn 35 once, so we got all cute and drove and stood in line for 2 hours and attended…

We left so early because the first 100 ladies in line recieved a super duper exciting bag of free H.K. magic with all sorts of fun goodies.. We were number 70 and 71 when we arrived, 2 hours later when the doors opened, we got to the door to find out one hundred and thirty some douche bags cut in front of us… Needless to say I let the dorks who poorly organized this know how I and the ladies around me felt.. We still got nothing, but we got in so oh well…

While standing in line, I  was amazed to see  how insanley excited women-WOMEN- of my age were so excited not only for a chance to get a free goodie bag, but to see Hello Kitty and her art, it was amazing, late 20’s, some very late teens, and women in their 30’s were all there for the same reason,——–FOR A CAT, WITH NO MOUTH, A DRAWING, A CHARACTER… We could not stand still, but yet we stood in line, wiggling, antsy, and cold for 2 hours, some stood there for longer! Anyways, I couldn’t believe it. I was standing there, freezing, on a Friday, rushing to this line right after work, chaning in my car, for a cat- a cat with no mouth (in real life I dont even love cats…)I voiced this insanity to my fellow crazys standing in line with me, we all laughed, and realized how insane it was, but its a staple from child hood- a warm fuzzy one, with sugar on top- a memory adn staple that none of us are willing to let go of…

The costumes and characters at this event were amazingly amusing, check em out…

I have taken far to long to post the millions of pics  I took, so I borrowed some from my friend Mary. Thanks Mary.

P.S. Yes, that is infact a VELVET PAINTING of Hello Kitty as Elvis…

Style Rookie hu?

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MSN… I found this little gem on the front page of MSN. this kid is 13, she isn’t saving the planet, she hasn’t found a cure to cancer, she is not the next alberta Einstine but she is hilarious, witty, creative, sarcastic and a hell of a good read, I thought I would share…



If anything this lil lady is a very ammusing read… Have fun

Good Vs. Evil?

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Who remembers these?
I sure do, I had a couple dolls, a couple small ones, and a handful of pencil toppers, given to students by teachers as a total bribe to be good….
I remember my mom telling me that they were evil dolls, but I set her opinion aside and rode along with the fad, I was 8 years old or so for goodness sakes…

Hello Hungry

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Lets start the morning off with a fresh cup of Java and the cutest lil doughnut in So. Cal…


And THEN! we will have the funnest sushi wushi boat in town…


ya that’s broccoli you see in the corner mm hmm.

After that we will wash it down with the top secret HK slimmer solution elixir…

hello kitty water front viewCan you belive these things really exist?

Somewhere out there some one eats Kitty donuts, Kitty Sushi and then kitty slimmer solution…

Happy 75th!!!

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IMG_2461Yep that’s right………


Happy 75th! You old, wrinkley, drunk, lazy, weathered, elephant, here is to 75 more…. Glasses of champagne….  Becuase what’s a cake without a bottle of booze attached to it right?

Cuppy Cakes

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My little sis is the coolest


Aannnnnnnnnnnd she makes the cutest like cuppy cakes you have ever seen in dis whole wide world. Yep mm hmm. She is deffinetly the coolest.

A dying Breed

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Photo Booths, are one of my most favorite things. I am very particular when it comes to passion for photo booths, they have to be the old school black and white, grainy photo taking ones.  Non of this colored photo hat wearing digital junk, no no my friends, old school all the way. I love the spontaneity of the whole event, you have no time to think about the pictures that are going to be taking, I mean you can plan, but planning is only going to work for that 1st picture and then its over, that flash snaps like no other, three more times, bam! bam! bam! Those 4 moments in time are captured, and there you go…


booth2boothGo on, get out there and go make a memory…


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